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AKOS supplies a variety of downhole tools, assemblies, data acquisition systems, and software. In addition to the products listed below, AKOS develops and manufactures custom tools and systems based on the needs and requirements of our clients.  Contact us for technical data sheets or let us know if you need a customized system for your application.

Cognition™  - Hybrid Logging Tool

Akos rainbow chart.png

A flow-through intelligent logging tool that utilizes both fiber optic and electrical telemetry to provide a real-time surface readout of sensor data. 

  • Real-time directional data including inclination, azimuth, and tool face from 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis tilt compensated magnetometer for precise directional information from multi-axis force vectors

  • Sensors include Gamma Ray, CCl, Internal Circulating Pressure & Temperature, and External Annulus Pressure and Temperature

  • Telemetry and sensor processing system for a variety of downhole logging BHA configurations

  • Complete system for measuring tensile, compressive and torsional forces on the BHA in real -WOB & TOB

  • Compatible with Warrior data acquisition systems

  • 8.3 bbl/min flow rate capable in the 2 7/8" version

Cognition™ - MLT

kickoff tool.png

The AKOS Navigation Tool is an intelligent articulating bent arm and rotational indexing tool for reliable multilateral reentry operations. It communicates with the surface via a high-speed, two-way fiber optic link that allows the operator to dynamically command the tool’s index and kickoff angles based on the depth and mapped directional data of the lateral junction. 

The tool included robust electric motors with infinitely variable control systems. It makes use of the full suite of orientation and heading sensors and utilizes a powerful feedback loop algorithm to autonomously maintain the proper index position and bent arm kickoff angle for positive entry into the lateral.

Cognition™ - Milling and Fishing

The milling and fishing optimization tool is a powerful and robust sensor system for providing weight on bit, torque on bit, and other sensors for monitoring the condition of mill motors, fishing tools the progress of intervention operations. The electronics and sensors are packaged in a ruggedized casing that allows for operation in harsh and high vibration environments.

The flow-through capable system allows up to 8.3bbl/min.

Surface Packoff


The Bulkhead packoff is used to provide a pressure seal for wireline or E-optical line exiting coil tubing. The Bulkhead packoff uses either a threaded connection or a 1502 hammer union for fast and easy setup on coil tubing. Bulkhead packoff is pressure rated up to 10kpsi and available in single or dual packoff


The flow-through E-Optical cable head is engineered to allow fluids to bypass to lower tool sections and has the ability to allow up to a ½” ball to pass through on 2 1/8” tool and ¾” ball in the 2 7/8” tool. The E-Optical Cable Head includes optional double check valves for one-way fluid flow, an optional mechanical release, and a dual pack-off for cable sealing and termination.


  • OD: 21/8” &  2 7/8” (Other sizes available upon request)

  • Pressure Rating: 10Kpsi

  • Temperature Rating: 175DegC

  • Optional DCFV and Mechanical Release

Distributed Temperature Sensor 


AKOS provides Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature units that can be mounted in a 19" rack in the data van or can provide a ruggedized unit to mount in the coiled tubing drum for continuous data collection throughout a well intervention program

Distributed Acoustic Sensor 

An optional fiber-optic Distributed Acoustic system can be supplied as part of the surface data acquisition package for real-time inflow monitoring, injection profiling, or leak detection.

SDS Warrior Data Acquisition System 


AKOS supplies Warrior surface data acquisition panels to allow operators to visualize depth corrected sensor data in real-time and to create API well logs.

Cognition™ - Data


The integrated data acquisition system includes a 19" rack with power supply, UPS, high spec industrial computer, and all interfaces and software applications to process and visualize distributed fiber optic data and sensor data.


This integrated system also allows operators to communicated to the BHA in cases where command and control functions are required in our articulating mechanical systems such as the MLT Navigation Tool.

Cognition Dashboard Screen.JPG
Cognition Waterfall Screen.JPG
Hybrid E-Optical Slickline Cable

The standard AKOS slickline cable is suitable for installation in coil tubing logging strings or for standard slickline operations. The 3/16" OD cable has 2 ea. Multimode fibers,1 ea. Singlemode fiber and a 15AWG copper conductor. The cable construction is dual-layer Incoloy 825 tubes.

Hybrid E-Optical Wireline Cable


Standard AKOS wireline cable suitable for installation in a coiled tubing logging string or for standard wireline operations. It includes 2 ea. Multimode fibers, 1 ea. Singlemode fiber and a 15 AWG conductor. The cable construction is dual armor layers and can be supplied with suitable metallurgy for sour service or acid environments.

Ancillary Components 

This includes the surface pressure bulkhead, reel mounted enclosures, high-performance slip ring, surface cables and other accessories required in an integrated system.

Conventional Thru-Tubing Tools and Components


In addition to the products listed above, AKOS can also manufacture most conventional Thru-Tubing tools and components. These include Shear Release Joints, Ball Activated Circulation Subs, Dual activated and Burst Disk Circ Subs, Poppet Check Valves, Dimple Connectors, Centralizers, Conventional MHA's, Jet Wash Tools, Fishing Tools, Shifting/Setting Tools along with many connectors and crossovers.


Contact us for a complete list of available Thru-Tubing Tools.

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