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AKOS Energy is the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of downhole intelligent intervention systems. We have an aggressive IP strategy and continue to grow our patent portfolio in innovative, profitable, and strategically important applications. We create unprecedented efficiencies and value for oil and gas service companies.

Autonomous Intervention 

AKOS Energy designs and deploys leading-edge sensing and control systems to optimize complex intervention operations. The AI technology combines the inputs from any number of exteroceptive sensors and applies a collection of process algorithms that autonomously direct the control function.

AKOS' initial deployment of the AI technology drives our advanced Multilateral Reentry System. The integrated sensor suite includes multi-dimensional location and orientation measurements; proximity, compressive, tensile and torsional sensors; and conventional gamma and CCL tools. The system guides the coiled tubing into the lateral by continuously comparing and correcting the error between the lateral entry vector solution and the data streaming from the onboard sensor systems.

AKOS is applying this same process control methodology to fishing, milling, and other intervention operations. The company envisions a wide range of applications where the AI platform can be used to replace conventional hydraulic and/or mechanical tools with sensor-rich electro-mechanical systems.

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The ability to mechanically manipulate tools in the wellbore environment is a game-changer in complex intervention operations. AKOS Articulation Systems offer a number of electromechanical and electrohydraulic solutions that can rotate, deflect and extend in multiple degrees of freedom over a wide force application range.

These systems are deployed with the required sensor systems for operations such as intelligent milling, fishing, multilateral reentry, smart setting tools, manipulating directional cameras, orienting directional sensors, and many other operations. They can be operated from the surface using our bi-directional communication link or can be autonomously controlled via our embeed AI process loop control system.

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High Bandwidth Duplex Communication

Most conventional logging systems only require communication from the tool to the surface; however, there is a clear need in the industry for high bandwidth bi-directional communication in a high-pressure / high-temperature environment using a conventional wireline or slickline cable form factor.

AKOS has developed a duplex communication protocol that offers the ability to communicate between downhole tools and surface systems over a single optical fiber at temperatures up to 175C and pressures up to 15,000 PSI. It is used to transmit tool data to the surface while simultaneously sending command and control instructions to the tool. This high bandwidth communication protocol is implemented using proprietary electro-optical hardware developed and assembled by AKOS.

Advanced Sensor Systems
In addition to most conventional coiled tubing logging tools, AKOS also provides advanced multi-axis force vector sensors for precise tool position orientation and location. Additionally, tensile, compressive, and rotational torque sensors are integrated into our standard flow through logging tools which provide detailed information about the intervention operation and also provide the process variables for our AI control systems.

AKOS routinely supplies other conventional logging sensors such as quartz pressure, temperature, GR, CCL and by working with our partners we are able to integrate standard open and cased hole logging tools and downhole video systems. Our proprietary power and communications platform provides plug and play compatibility with most 3rd party tools.

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