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AKOS Energy provides turn-key service support and Solutions Management for the life of the system. We work with our partners to specify, build, deploy, and maintain complete intelligent downhole intervention systems. We also offer comprehensive training and field services. Our ability to provide high-level support allows smaller service companies the ability to have an instant technological footing to provide intelligent fiber-optic intervention and completion services in the markets they serve. 

System Installation, Integration, and Commissioning

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AKOS provides complete services related to the installation, integration, and commissioning of the intelligent intervention system. This includes services such as fiber optic termination/ testing, configuring the data van with all data acquisition systems, and integration with the custom BHA logging systems.

Specialty Application Engineering

Each partner, client, market, and application are unique. Our application and project engineering team work closely with our clients to build and deploy a fit for purpose solutions to ensure value is realized by all stakeholders.

Coiled Tubing Cable Installation

AKOS provides equipment, experienced personnel, and project management services for the installation of hybrid E-Optical logging cables in a partner's coiled tubing string. This is a critical step in the building and deployment of the AKOS system.


AKOS can provide a custom-tailored training program to meet the specific needs of our clients. Topics include: Fiber Optic Principles, Fiber Optic Termination/Testing, Distributed Fiber Otic Data Acquisition, Warrior Data Acquisition, Deploying Cable in Coiled Tubing, Testing and Troubleshooting Cables and Systems, Job Planning, Operation and Maintenance of Logging Bottom Hole Assemblies. Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization.

Online Maintenance Support

AKOS provides a preventative maintenance program when delivering a system. Our field team can also assist our clients with all corrective and preventative maintenance actions.

Field Operations

We can provide field engineers and technicians to support all field operations in any geographic market.

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