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Integrated Solutions

AKOS Energy provides customized, turn-key solutions that give our clients and partners the ability to deploy intelligent intervention and completion systems in the markets they serve.  Our integrated solutions include e-optical cables, bottom hole logging assemblies, distributed fiber optic systems, surface data acquisition systems, and all ancillary components required to perform enhanced intervention operations.  We supply custom solutions for any application with careful attention to budgetary requirements.

Flow-Through E Optical Intelligent Coiled Tubing System

The AKOS flagship intelligent coiled tubing system

Our bottom hole logging assembly includes multi-sensor navigation capabilities along with internal and external pressure and temperature sensors, compression, tension, torque and gamma-ray, and casing collar locator. A unique feature of this system is the ability to drop a 3/4" ball through the tool and pump at rates up to 8 bbl/min. This system is ideal for matrix acid stimulation that is optimized with diversion and permeability modifiers. The AKOS Multilateral Navigation Tool can also be used with this system for MLT reentry operations. Any number of conventional thru-tubing tools or flow activated setting tools can be integrated into the assembly. This system is a must for high profile well intervention operations in offshore environments, prolific carbonate reservoirs, and other areas that demand highly optimized intervention operations


This system includes an integrated distributed fiber optic measurement system along with all surface data acquisition equipment, cables, and ancillary components.

Intelligent Multilateral Re-entry System

The AKOS multilateral reentry system utilizes our flow-through bottom hole logging assembly and incorporates high precision electric bent arm kick over and rotational indexing tools to reliably guide the CT string into the correct lateral. This system takes advantage of the comprehensive navigational sensor package to provide real-time information from the force vectors measured with multi-axis magnetometers and accelerometers. The data is continuously displayed at the surface and is also used in our AI feedback control loop algorithm to autonomously maintain the orientation required to enter the lateral window through dynamic control of the kickover angle and rotational index position.

This system combines the complete array of logging sensors along with distributed fiber optic measurements, surface data acquisition equipment, and ancillary components

Ruggedized E Optical Intelligent Coiled Tubing System

An integrated system engineered to meet the demands of collecting data in the harsh environment encountered in extended reach milling and fishing operations.

AKOS is developing this system to provide valuable information related to Weight on Bit and Torque on Bit in a highly ruggedized BHA that can withstand extreme shock and vibration of multi-stage mill out operations.  This system includes distributed fiber optic, external pressure/temperature, and CCL measurements. All surface data acquisition equipment and ancillary components are included.

Cost Effective Intelligent Coiled Tubing System 

In many cases, a lower cost CT logging system is required to meet the local operational needs in a more cost-sensitive market. The AKOS Cost-Effective System includes high-performance logging tools along with the necessary components to allow for high rate circulation. This system is scalable and may include distributed fiber optic measurements along with inclination, external pressure/temperature GR, and CCL. Also included are the data acquisition units, 19" rack, and all ancillary components for turn-key implementation. 

Optional Integrations for Key Applications

Custom Articulation Systems

Our team is experienced in developing and building electric downhole articulation systems. These could be used for intelligent fishing operations to precisely place an overshot or spear on an off-centered fish or could be used with directional cameras, kickover, or directional logging tools.

All systems can be designed with multiple layers of articulation and include an array of positional feedback sensors to allow positive command and control from the surface or autonomous operations in cases where the feedback control loops are suitable.


Integrated Downhole Video

All AKOS Intelligent CT Systems are capable of integrating 3rd party cameras and shrouded DHV systems.


Integrated Production Logging Tools

All AKOS Intelligent CT Systems are capable of integrating 3rd party cased and open-hole logging tools, including the latest generation Muli Array PLT systems.  It is often beneficial to collect Distributed Temperature and Distributed Acoustic data during these operations.


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